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International Personnel Cooperation and Dispatch

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CERIECO can dispatch all kinds of personnel (excluding sailors) to overseas. Among them, the dispatching trainees and technical interns to Japan is the core of our company's international talent dispatch business. So far, a total of more than 2,000 technical trainees have been sent to Japan, whose occupation industry involves casting, machining, stamping, mechanical inspection, rubber products processing, plastic products processing, horticulture, transportation, construction, aquatic food processing, animal husbandry etc.. Dispatch areas include Saitama Prefecture, Osaka Prefecture, Nara Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture, Gifu Prefecture, Shimane Prefecture, Nagano Prefecture, Tokyo Prefecture, Hokkaido, Iwate Prefecture and Fukui Prefecture. CERIECO has currently established talent dispatch base in Shandong Province, Henan Province, Hebei Province, Shaanxi Province, and set up a professional intern training base in Tianjin. 

This year, CERIECO has also entered the field of nursing care and plans to conduct large-scale selection, training and dispatch of intern nursesto Japan and other countries with advanced pension industries so as to train professionals in the field of endowment care in China. 

CERIECO is experienced in personnel dispatch, with a professional team focusing on personnel assignment policy. In order to strengthen management and cooperation with the relevant Japanese agencies, our company has set up representative office in Japan.

CERIECO pays attention to personnel selection through field home visits, intensive training before dispatch and excellent service and efficient management after dispatch. CERIECO has always taken the management concept of "honesty and responsibility, enthusiasm and efficiency, people-oriented".

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